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All about print

All about print - Take One Media

A whistle stop tour of print!


What is print?
Leaflets, flyers, brochures, posters, headerboards and printed advertisements.

What is it good for?
Ads, headerboards and posters are great for brand awareness i.e. bringing you front of mind. They tend not to work so well for direct response i.e. getting your potential customer to do something. This is where leaflets, flyers and brochures come in to play (and digital media). These more detailed pieces of information sway the decision to visit. A leaflet stand is good for targeting people at various points of the decision making process. They target people who:

  • Aren’t in the market to go somewhere – YET. They see something that catches their eye and they’re in the tourist attraction market!
  • Know they want to do something / go somewhere but are looking for inspiration.
  • Know they want to go to a certain kind of place but are looking for some options.

A perfect combination is strategically placed brand awareness activity backed up by a direct response driver i.e. a poster and a leaflet.

Anything it’s not so good for?
Print is tied to geography and time i.e. you have to be in the right place at the right time to pick it up. This can be ideal for the tourism industry as we know roughly where people are going to be and when. However, print doesn’t target those who aren’t on holiday yet! This is where digital formats come into effect.

How do I get print information out?
1. Design and print a leaflet
2. Get it displayed in a network of stands (companies such as Take One Media do this for you)

How do I run a successful print campaign?
There are questions you have to ask before commissioning an organisation to display your printed material. Otherwise you are at risk of having your leaflets thrown away, lost/damaged in the post, left in boxes and other atrocities that are a waste of your time and money!

The checklist:

  • Has the outlet where your leaflets are going said that they want leaflets?
  • Will your leaflets be posted out and whose responsibility is servicing the stand?
  • Will your leaflets be delivered and arranged by hand in their own slot?
  • How frequently will the stand be serviced by a person i.e. will your leaflets always be available and will the stand be tidy?
  • Will your leaflet ONLY be sent to places you have agreed to?
  • Have you been advised to print only what is realistically needed- saving money?
  • What reporting will you receive and how often?
  • Are there local depots to ensure speed and efficiency of service?
  • What history/specialist experience does the distributor have?