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Perfect marketing mix

Perfect marketing mix - Take One Media


Included in this case study:

– Marketing mix
– Leaflets
– Marketing metrics and methods of measuring
– Year on year comparisons of print distribution companies

A 5% increase in print generates a 59% increase in visitors and revenue

Building on a successful 2014 where Diggerland placed 465k leaflets into the market place to generate £71,311 of admissions from 4202 visitors, 2015 saw 490k pieces of print go into the market (a 5% increase) to generate 6695 visitors and £113,574 in admissions – a massive 59% increase.

Diggerland has four sites across the UK: Kent, Durham, Yorkshire and Devon. The attraction uses a varied, tested and measured marketing mix to engage with its target audiences of children, parents and carers and groups. Discounts have been standardised from 2014 to 2015 to 15% and are used to drive visitor numbers. Adults (under 65) and children over 90cms all pay the same rate of £19.95pp on the gate or £16.99pp advance online price.

Marketing objectives
– Increase visitor numbers
– Increase admissions revenue and decrease the costs of discounts
– Increase response rates through better targeting and placement of message

The marketing approach and Take One Media’s involvement
Diggerland’s marketing mix includes collateral (leaflets), advertising and digital. Performance of every channel and supplier is measured and the learnings are seen in the setting of the next plan. After delivering the largest share of admissions revenue (48% from 43% of the leaflet volume) and the highest response rate amongst national distributors, Take One Media was again, able to assist Diggerland in highly-targeted leaflet display on a national level to engage locals and tourists, along with some digital work.

Accurate metrics are number one on Diggerland’s list of marketing channel must haves. They use a unique code on every piece of print, advertising, email and online activity.

1. Getting more customers through the door and increasing admissions revenue
Leaflets as a media choice prompted an additional 2491 people to come through Diggerland’s doors in 2015 which equated to around £42k revenue on top of what was being done in 2014.

Take One Media accounted for almost half (47%) of the business generated by leaflets – both visitors through the door and admissions revenue – a 54% increase on the previous year. Take One’s campaigns drove £53k of admissions and 3124 visitors; this was followed by Pear, Info Gold and A-Ha.

2. Increase response rates through better targeting and placement of message
Response rates – In 2014 it took an average of 559 leaflets to generate one redemption, giving an overall response rate of 0.2%. In 2015 this had fallen to an average of just 226 leaflets to generate one redemption and a response rate that had doubled to 0.44%.

Take One was able to out-perform this with its targeted distribution and required on average only 175 leaflets to generate a redemption, giving a higher than average response rate of 0.57% – in Kent this was as low as only 148 leaflets needed to generate one redemption (0.7% response rate).

Best stands – best places – Take One generated 47% of admissions revenue from just 37% of the leaflets. This came as a result of hand-merchandised, tidy and engaging stands that are in locations with relevant (in terms of geography, demography and volume) target audience.

Undeniable return on investment – The average return on each £1 spent on leaflet distribution was £5.55 (a 53% increase on 2014). Take One generated £5.68 for each £1 spent. This does not take into account the cost of leaflet design and printing.


Diggerland’s feedback

“Diggerland has built on the successes laid out with the approach in 2014 and the 2015 results are extremely pleasing.

The numbers speak for themselves and Take One Media’s reach, targeting and delivering against campaign objectives has created more customers for Diggerland. Working with Take One, not only saves our print budget as we plan quantities sensibly (in fact we achieved more with less this year and can see where there’s room to grow next year), but it allows us to target our print into key high footfall areas with the right audiences where we know our marketing will have an impact and stimulate desired behaviours. Leaflets as a channel is key for us and we are planning to increase overall volumes by 10% with an increase in Take One activity of 11%.”


Take One’s feedback

It’s fantastic to see results that show a distinct growth in print and it really driving customer behaviour. That said, it is balance and measurement that must sit at the heart of any marketing plan. Keep your customer in mind, offer them a choice of how they receive information and select your suppliers with care. Collect data and insight, analyse and in doing so, you’ll get informed campaigns and success. In more detail:

  1. Mix things up – you can’t target everyone in the same way, in the same place with the same message because people are different.
  2. Know what each channel is supposed to do, what it actually does and how to control it.
  3. Add the whole cost of a leaflet campaign together don’t just look at the media element – buy quality targeting and relevance for your distribution and out of that will fall the highest ROI and response rates – it will also reduce your printing cost.
  4. Engage suppliers based on their proven credentials and measure them against what you set out to do with them.


To find out more about Diggerland and their marketing approach, contact Sherene Garvin-Mack sherene.garvin-mack@diggerland.com 0871 22 77 007

For more about Take One Media’s tourism marketing services contact 0800 389 6636.